About us

Our mission

To be a leading manufacturer of low power variable frequency drives and brushless DC motors and PMSM motors in the world.

Our quality policy

Ensure customer satisfaction by providing right solutions and quality products.

To attain this we are committed to:

  • Improve work methods continually through innovation,
  • Adherence of systems and ethical practices.
  • Adherence of systems and ethical practices.

Our quality system is in accordance with ISO9001:2008.

Our company

Versa Drives is a brand name of Versa Drives Private Limited for its Motor Control Products. Versa Drives was created by Sundar and Durga with a passion to excel in the field of motor control. They are  backed by a strong and dedicated team of engineers who have experience in hardware & software development, BLDC & PMS motor design & development, simulation, testing and manufacturing. The factory is located at Coimbatore, an industrial city in India.